Lower Back Pain

Treatment for Lower Back Pain at Mass Sport & Spine Chiropractic

When trouble strikes the lower part of the spinal column and/or the tissues that lend it support, you're likely to experience debilitating pain and stiffness. The good news is that you can probably get the relief you need without subjecting your back to surgery. That's because our team at Mass Sport & Spine can ease many lower back problems through conservative healing techniques. 


Lower Back Pain: A Common Complaint with Many Possible Causes

Did you now that four-firths of all adults struggle with low back pain at some point? One of the reasons for this problem's prevalence is the sheer number of issues that can afflict this all-important structure. The largest vertebrae and vertebral discs in your body are located in the lumbar spine, which is also supported by large, strong muscle groups that can support your upper-body weight while also permitting a wide range of motion. If these structures are shifted even slightly out of position, you can suffer from spinal joint pain, herniated discs, and impingement of the major nerve roots in the lower back. Common causes of lower back pain include:

  • Acute accidents that dislocate vertebral structures and tear muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • Muscular strain due to excess weight, pregnancy, poor posture, or a chronic spinal misalignment
  • Bulging discs, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis, or other age-related degeneration

Low back pain can be accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, especially when pinched nerves are involved. For example, a pinched sciatic nerve root may cause not just low back pain, but also leg pain, numbness, and weakness.

Our Chiropractors Can Set You Straight

If you've been putting off treatment for your lower back pain because you're afraid it will involve surgery, you'll be glad you visited Mass Sport & Spine Chiropractic. Any Westwood, Walpole, or Wrentham chiropractor on our team can analyze your spinal alignment, detect degenerative problems or injuries, and devise a non-invasive treatment or pain management plan just for you. Chiropractic adjustment can fix alignment issues that contribute to disc, joint, or muscle pain. Massage therapy can help injured tissues heal and relieve inflammatory discomfort. We may also recommend nutritional counseling and exercises to help you optimize your body for a healthier, more comfortable lower back.

Fight Back Against Lower Back Pain by Calling Our Clinic Today

Take the first step toward putting your lower back pain to rest today by calling our Walpole, Westwood or Wrentham office and arranging an appointment!


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