Scoliosis Treatment at Mass Sport & Spine in Westwood, Walpole, and Wrentham

If you have been recently diagnosed  with scoliosis, and it is causing you discomfort or embarrassment, finding appropriate treatment to relieve symptoms of pain or poor posture are sure to be on your mind. Calling Mass Sport & Spine in Westwood, Walpole, or Wrentham is an option. Our chiropractic team will provide you with a treatment plan to help boost your spirits and reduce any symptoms you are currently experiencing from your condition. Here is some information about scoliosis and how our chiropractor can help.

What Scoliosis Is and How It Is Caused

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that often brings about discomfort because it causes poor posture and weight distribution. If you look at someone's spine, it should be positioned centrally within the back. If it is positioned slightly to one side of the body more than the other, scoliosis is the result. This alters the curvature of the spine and leads to back problems that usually result in pain. This condition can be hereditary or be caused by extremely poor posture practices.

Treatment Options Available For Scoliosis Wellness

There are a few treatments available that help remedy scoliosis. In some cases, a back brace may be worn to help readjust the spine to the correct positioning. This brace is fitted perfectly for your body and will need to be checked and altered by a physician to help straighten the spine over time. More severe cases are usually remedied with a surgical procedure of the spinal column. A readjustment is done during the surgery and repositioning will encourage the body to allow for a straighter back after healing is complete.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help Your Condition

Unfortunately, scoliosis can only be completely reversed via the wearing of a back brace or surgery. Going to a chiropractor, however, can help to reduce the amount of discomfort you are experiencing from this condition. A chiropractor can conduct spinal adjustments to help reduce the pain associated from joint stress upon the spinal area. Temperature therapy will help to soothe sore areas of the back, neck, and shoulders as a result of this curvature abnormality. Our chiropractor will investigate the extent of your scoliosis along with documentation provided by your physician. This information will then lead to the devising of a treatment plan to reduce discomfort effectively.

Contact our Westwood, Walpole, or Wrentham MA Chiropractic team

If you want to find relief from back pain you are experiencing as a result of scoliosis, call Mass Sport & Spine in Westwood, Walpole, or Wrentham, MA for chiropractic care. Contact us at our Westwood facility at (781) 708-9056, our Walpole facility at (508) 668-8900, or our Wrentham facility at (508) 876-7289 to make an appointment today.

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