• "After going to Physical Therapy at Mass Sport and Spine in the Walpole location, I was very excited to see that they were offering Chiropractic services now too! I had used a chiropractor in the past but decided to give it another try for my chronic back and neck pain. I made my appointment with Dr. Cornell and met with her the next day! Dr. Cornell's professionalism and knowledge was apparent after meeting her for five minutes. She made me feel comfortable as she explained each part of the evaluation process. As the first appointment went on, I was extremely pleased with her thoroughness - she really knows what she is doing! I would recommend anyone thinking about trying a chiropractor to make an appointment with Dr. Cornell. You will not be disappointed!"
  • "I heard about Mass Sport and Spine through a friend and went in to see Dr. Cornell for some low back pain. She helped me out tremendously and relieved my pain. She was very knowledgeable and courteous. I had an amazing experience with the staff and the facility is amazing!"
  • "I was always afraid to go to a chiropractor. I thought my neck would get snapped or my back cracked. In reality, I had no idea what chiropractors do. After years of incredible chest pain, caused by multiple surgeries and after multiple MRI’s, scans, tests and visits to pain clinics and specialists I thought I would have to live in pain for the rest of my life. But then I met Dr. Kelly Cornell at Mass Sport & Spine in Westwood. Within minutes she was able to determine that my rib cage was twisted and a rib head was protruding, (most likely caused during the surgeries). Dr. Cornell got to work. Using her state of the art bench and activator tool, she was able to realign my rib cage. Within weeks my pain decreased significantly. I can’t believe that Dr. Cornell figured out in less than a minute, what the specialists could not identify for years."


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